Logos & Branding

Branding is more than just some typography and colors mashed together – it’s a perfect pairing of your personality and your business. It tells your audience exactly who you are and what they can expect from you. Take my branding for example…

3hexagonsI chose a selection of fun, bright but not too over the top colors because I wanted my clients to know that I’m serious about my work… but not too serious. I wanted my website to be every bit as approachable as I am. I’d love to do the same for you. Partner up with me for a journey to align your personality with your business and establish your brand identity.


The Basics

I offer Good Design …but better. What that means is that I don’t just create some pretty graphics and call my job done. Instead, it’s my job to be a brand consultant and deliver an effective set of marketing tools for your business. That means I refuse (that’s right… I said refuse) to deliver sub-par work that doesn’t utilize best design practices.

I involve my clients every step of the way (you can check those out below) and I do my best to create exactly the branding you were hoping for. Because I get so involved, I take on a limited of new clients every month. It’s cliche… but I do believe in quality over quantity.

My work schedule fluctuates, but most clients receive their branding packages in 5-6 weeks.


Initial Contact

The first step involves filling out a short form (which you will find at the bottom of this page). This form asks a few questions that will help me determine the scope of your project and whether or not I feel like we might be a good fit. You read that correctly. I don’t take on clients who I don’t feel are a good fit for my style and work ethic. I’d much rather refer you to another designer better suited for you.

If I feel we’re potentially a good match, we move on to Step 2.


Getting to Know You Phone Call

I respond to all initial contact e-mails within 24-48 hours. If I feel we are a good fit, my response e-mail will include my open availability for a 30-minute personal chat with you over the phone.

During our chat, you’ll tell me more about your project – whether it’s a blog, a new business you’re starting, or an already established project you’re looking to freshen up! We’ll also talk about your expectations of me as a designer and my expectations of you as a client. This phone call will help me determine if we’re a good fit.

Note: I understand that for some, this part of the process may cause anxiety and duress. I assure you that I never call you without permission, I do not solicit, and your phone number will be kept private.


Contracts, Pricing, & Deposit

Every project is different and that’s why I don’t put a sticker price on my services. They all have a “starting at” rate, but can go up in price as the scope of the project increases. Pricing will be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon before I begin your project. That’s where the contract portion of this crucial step comes in.

My contract was drafted by a lawyer. Yes, a real one. It was designed to protect me, and more importantly… to protect you. This contract will outline everything you can expect from me during the project including (but not limited to) services to be delivered, terms & conditions, and pricing. It will also outline what I expect from you as a client.


Moodboard Inspiration

This is everyone’s favorite step because we get to really explore who you are, what your goals are, and what your overall vibe is. Maybe you’re sassy and enjoy bold, bright colors and wild patterns! Maybe you are demure and prefer soft tones, and subtle textures. Whoever you are, we’re going to discover your true aesthetic.

My favorite way of doing this is to create a secret “mood board” on Pinterest for us to share. This will be the focal point for your new brand. You’ll pin everything that inspires you – pictures, fonts, colors. These pinned images will help me connect with you and see your brand as you see it.


Clarity Phone Call

We’ll discuss some of your mood board selections in depth so that I get a better understanding of what you are inspired by and what you are envisioning for your own brand. This 30-minute to 1-hour phone call will help me to better create an identity that embodies your personality and style.


Rough Drafts

I will create 3 primary logo concepts paired with custom color palettes for you to choose from. I will use this direction to establish your branding package. It’s at this time that you’ll get to talk about the rough drafts, likes & dislikes, and really drive home your unique perspective of your brand.

Final Payment & Delivery

Your final branding package will be delivered to you via Dropbox after your final payment has been made (I accept PayPal, as well as payment installments). Here’s a basic list of what you can expect to receive from one of my branding packages:

  • Primary Logo
  • Sub-Marker (secondary logo)
  • Custom color palette
  • Typography selection
  • Custom patterns/textures
  • Social Media Icons
  • Facebook page design
  • Twitter banner design
  • Blog & Social Media Templates
  • Business Card design

Investment (starting at): $800.00


Ready to Get Started?

  • I will never call you without your permission.
  • This will be for our contract, should we end up working together.
  • Please include a link to your website if you have one.
  • Please link to any websites, images, or Pinterest boards you would like for me to consider as reference and inspiration for your project. You don't need to get too detailed - just give me an idea of what you like.
  • Please list referrals if possible so I can thank them!